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I went to the smart car reunion at my smart car dealership last weekend. They served us barbecue! I always love going to these events because I get to meet people I would never know otherwise.

Earlier this week, smart USA linked to my site from their Facebook. I felt ashamed that I hadn’t posted anything in so long, not since my flat tire. But honestly, nothing has happened.┬áThe car is so reliable, there is just not a whole lot to report in a year! So I guess “no news is good news.”

In 2012 I shall continue to post when new things happen with me and my car. We’re almost out of warranty, and I’m keen to see what happens next!

Keep on driving smart!

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  1. E's Gravatar Esays...

    I appreciated your blog, especially when I was faced with paying way too much to have someone change a lightbulb for me or do it myself. I read your blog and others that helped me get insight and gain confidence to do it and then found out how easy it really is.
    Thank you for the confidence boost.

    Jun 16 2012 | Permalink

    • Tina's Gravatar Tinasays...

      I just bought a 2008 Passion. I’m not sure if I’ll drive it in the winter. I live up here in New Hampshire and not sure if it’s going to be as good as my 2011 Jeep Liberty 4 wheel drive. I am so happy to find people that are Smart Car owners. I’ve only been able to drive it a couple of days because it had to have a new muffler and the front hood has to be changed because the person that owned ot before broke the hood locks off so the dealer is ordering a new one! I was surprised that driving on the highway was so enjoyable! I found myself speeding up to 70 and it was so smooth! Enjoy reading your posts!

      Aug 20 2012 | Permalink

  2. Eric Brown's Gravatar Eric Brownsays...

    Today, I just bought a 2013, Smart fortwo Coupe. Yellow with black stripe and COOL black rims. I drove it back from Medford Oregon to Klamath Falls. About 70 miles. Rainy weather, hills, windy roads, at night. What a good first test. IT WAS AWESOME. Anyone who says poor things about these cars, engine or electric, are just well…then…whatever! Just shuttup!…Then Un-shuttup and go drive one. We test drove the electric AND the gas. We chose the gas model because I am going to drive all over! The electric was awesome too. I dig the paddle shifting of the gas model.

    Our little car came with great features. Power door locks and windows, decent radio, leather black seats with Yellow accents, intermittent wipers…all kinds of cool stuff!

    Truly and awesome little car!

    If you are in doubt from all the reviews online, GO DRIVE ONE. Bring your checkbook or good credit with ready to buy. It was great!

    Nov 18 2013 | Permalink

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