smart car meets fish: the “Black Orchid”

I entered a smart car design contest recently with my creation dubbed “Black Orchid”:

smart front 300x264 smart car meets fish: the Black Orchid

This design was named for a breed of Siamese fighting fish called the “black orchid crown tail”. I was also inspired by Mexican skull candy, orchid blossoms, deep sea fish, and Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno’s work.

I get a lot of comments from guys about my smart car, so I wanted to make a design that both girls and boys could feel cool driving, something elegant but striking, that you could blast mariachi or the Orb in without clashing with the visual appeal.

I sketched this design on paper, then scanned it into my computer, where I recreated the swirling black details using vector graphics.

To see the stunning sideview, please check out my official entry page, where you can vote and comment on the design directly. The contest is still taking submissions, too. Please let me know if you participate so I can vote and comment on your design! enter


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