New year in my (still rather new) smart car

I have been horribly remiss in my duties! After Halloween, I took some time to carefully wash and detail my smart car. I took pictures and made detailed account of the process and everything. I was just about to post all this in a “clean up your car before winter!” article, then Thanksgiving hit. Then Christmas hit. Then I got sick (just getting better now, thank you). Then it wasn’t winter anymore. So the article will have to wait for a Spring Cleaning special because who wants to wash their car in the cold?

But enough about my fate at the cruel hands of the Holidays. A new year is upon us! Instead of a new year resolution, I bring you a list of topics I want to cover in early 2010:

  • My winter driving experience (spoiler, it’s been good!)
  • Product Review: battery-powered hand-vacuums for cleaning your footwells
  • How to: Use your emergency tire inflation kit to routinely check your tire pressure.
  • How to: Clean your smart car, inside and out
  • Comparison shopping: smart car vs. Honda Fit
  • Comparison shopping: smart car vs. Mini Cooper

See you soon!

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