10k Maintenance at the Smart Car Center

It’s been less than a year since buying my smart car and I’ve already put 9500 miles on her. My coworker was taken aback. What, is that a large number? I suppose it’s a testament to how much fun the smart makes driving for me. To think I once cowered in fear of the dreaded road trip!

Smart cars only need to be taken in for maintenance every 10,000 miles. According to my coworkers most cars need to be taken in every 5,000 miles.

I was worried that because I was taking my car to a Mercedez dealership (where the Smart Center is), I might be charged an awful lot for this checkup. I furrowed my brow and stockpiled cash for a month, just in case it was worse than I thought.

But, it wasn’t bad at all. It came to $225 for all the work and the filters that were replaced. (My friend Jenna said that her car cost that much every 5,000 miles, with an extra expensive visit every 10,000.) It took about an hour, which I spent sipping tea in the Mercedez Benz dealership lounge and chatting with the folks at the Smart Center.

They also washed my smart car for me, saving me a Saturday morning scrubbing at tar specks in my bikini in the parking lot. I would much rather spend that morning in my bikini splashing around in the neighborhood pool, naturally!

After another year of highway adventures, I will return for her 20k maintenance visit, whereupon she’ll get aligned.

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