It’s a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

Halloween is the one day of the year when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is said to be lifted. It is a time to remember the dead, both loved and despised. It is a time to be scared, to be frightened, to whistle as you pass the graveyard. As by New Model Army put it so well in their song Autumn, “Everything is beautiful because everything is dying.” For me, Halloween comes hard on the heels of Yom Kippur, causing the reflective, introspective mood of Rosh Hashanah to bleed into the festive, jovial if not chilling nature of All Hallows Eve. It’s a good pairing and makes for a bittersweet celebration. (To clarify, I am not Jewish, I deeply feel that Rosh Hashanah’s ten days of repentance and introspection about your behavior over the past year can be nothing but good for one’s character. Years ago my mom and I started partaking of the holidays as a matter of self-improvement and humility.)

Usually I start my Halloween preparations on the first of October if not earlier, but with getting married, buying, painting and moving into a house, and throwing not one but two Wedding Warming parties to celebrate the aforementioned Life Changing Events, I didn’t have any time or energy left to prepare for Halloween (although Rosh Hashanah did fall on my week of non-stop painting, so I had plenty of time to reflect in solemn, latext-scented silence, and believe you me, I did!). So I apologize that m smart car Halloween special wasn’t a little earlier.

Getting my smart car in costume

smart car aerostitch helmet ears devil horns 300x209 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

These motorcycle helmet ears attach via suction cups to a smooth surface.

I did have the prudence to order a costume for my smart car ahead of time! After inquiring over at smartUSAinsider’s forums about attaching cat ears to my smart car’s roof, Laurel directed my attention to Aerostitch’s helmet ears (and tails), which are meant to be put on motorcycle helmets. After waffling over whether to get cat ears or devil horns, I decided the devil horns would be more in the spirit of Halloween. (Which is just as well, because I ended up going as a cat, anyway! We can’t both be cats, now!) Plus, they look so bright and shiny!

They arrived just a few days before Halloween. They are made of cloth and are stitched onto suction cups which will attach to any smooth surface. I was worried about them flying off the smart car, but I’ve taken them on the highways around here, and they haven’t come off yet!

Chuck Throckmomrton said he and his wife use variations on vehicular flags for their smart cars’ costumes, and while the bat wings were cute, I read too many reviews of them snapping off at highspeeds to give them a second thought.

 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

My smart car poses in her devil horns with me (the cat on left) and a friend (the Wicked Witch of the East on right)

 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

My smart car's backside sports a devil tail for Halloween.

crayola window markers 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

Crayola window markers are a cheap and fun way to write messages on your smart car's windows!

My little cat ears are flopped over in those pictures, darn it! But you get the idea.

I also found some nifty window markers at Target for about $3, which I used to write “Happy Halloween!” across my rear window, but it doesn’t show very much in those photos. I keep the markers in my glove box now for doodle emergencies.

They are water soluble, though, so the wet October weather keeps removing my messages!

A DIY guide to making a Halloween wreath

I don’t like buying things, especially not decorative things. When my husband and I moved into our house, I swore to give away anything I owned that I wasn’t using. I passed many of my favorite clothes on to Goodwill and friends in need. I came across an old black feather boah that a childhood friend had given me. It was falling apart and too itchy to wear, so I was keeping it in a bag in the closet. Obviously, I wasn’t using it, so I should get rid of it. But rather than toss the old thing, I determined to make a Halloween wreath with it! Luckily, I had a length of pretty black ribbon that had been wrapping a quilt we bought at Target. Even less waste!

You will need:

PICT0067 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

The wreath base, ribbon and boah needed to make a Halloween wreath.

  • A foam wreath base, the kind you can buy for flower arranging
  • And old black feather boah
  • Two yards of wide black ribbon
  • Black paint and a paint brush (optional)
  • A few pins or pieces of tape or glue

Start by painting your wreath base black. This is optional, but if you don’t do it, theres a chance that the wreath base’s color will peak through the feathers of the boah. I couldn’t find my black paint, so I didn’t bother, and my wreath still came out nice. But this is how I would have done it!

PICT0071 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

Start by taping/pinning/gluing down the boah to the wreath base.

PICT0073 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

Wrap the feather boach around the base evenly.

PICT0076 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

Pin/glue/tape the other end to the wreath base. I didn't have quite enough boah to reach all the way around. But don't worry, we'll fix that!

PICT0079 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

Wrap the ribbon around the wreath however you like.

PICT0086 300x225 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

And tie a pretty bow!

 Its a Martha Stewart Halloween, smart car!

And now you have a delightfully dark wreath to hang on your door! (Pay no attention to that doggie in the window.)

Halloween goodies: eCards and TV specials!

Before the day is out, don’t forget to send someone you love a free vintage eCard from Dover. I love these old fashioned designs! So cute!

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Halloween without nostalgic Halloween TV specials. I don’t feel like today’s Halloween specials are anywhere near as good as those of my childhood, but I’m sure most generations feel that way about their childhood entertainments. If you have something on par with the Roseanne Halloween marathon, I want to hear your recommendations! Please comment with them (and if you have links to Youtube vieos, please post ‘em!) With that, I leave you with a personal favorite of mine, Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Pete and Pete Halloweenie special!

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