How the smart car helped me make peace with the iphone

I’ll be honest. I don’t like iphones. Or Macs. Or even Helvetica (mostly because it’s overused in logos and branding). Here is why I feel this way: People automatically assume that because I am a designer, I must be a Mac user. I have had very unpleasant interactions with designers who held that one could […]

Fake ‘smart car’ crash picture

The so-called "smart car crash" doesn

A circulating picture of a “smart car crash” with two trucks turns out to be a fake, a hoax, and at the very least, not a smart car!

Roxi the smart car performs in Stormy Weather

The weather had been quite stormy all last week, with wind and rain. The wind never tried to blow my smart car around like it did on 540 the other day. I think that must have been an exceptionally ferocious wind that day. But I haven’t had problems handling her in the wind since. On […]