Driving my smart car in the wind.

I had to drive my smart car home on interstate 540 yesterday, and the winds kicked up quite a bit. I don’t know their speeds, but they certainly weren’t extreme. Enough to make the trees wave, but I don’t imagine they were anything as bad as what we used to get in the mountains during […]

First Brabus spotted.

I was driving my boss back from smoothies today when a black-trimmed silver smart car Brabus zoomed past us. We were at the Falls of Neuse and Spring Forest crossroads when it happened. So awesome!

Driving in the Dark

I was driving home late tonight in my smart car with the windows and sunroof open and The Orb’s Toxygene playing (music video provided below for your listening convenience): I ended up riding tail-to-nose next to a lime green sports car with neon underlights. It was a very pretty effect. We were both doing about […]

I am modding my smartcar blog …

I am modding my smartcar blog at I love WordPress.