Photo of Rachel Nabors

Hi, I'm Rachel Nabors, and these are my real-life adventures with my new smart car, Roxi.

Roxy needs a new home.

2009 smart car for sale

After so long together, I’m selling my 2009 white smart car. We’re going car-free and moving to Portland, OR. Would you be interested in buying her? She’s for sale!

smart 2012

Earlier this week, smart USA linked to my site from their Facebook. I felt ashamed that I hadn’t posted anything in so long, not since my flat tire. But honestly, nothing has happened. The car is so reliable, there is just not a whole lot to report in a year! So I guess “no news is good news.”

My first flat tire

Roxi the smart car sporting an HTML 5 bumper sticker

This is worthy of posting as part of my “smart car experience”: I got a flat last Thursday. I was driving home from Refresh the Triangle, a web developer meetup in Durham, around 8 at night. Around 5 miles from home, the tire pressure warning light came on. I was surprised, because I usually check my […]

Merry Christmas, y’all!

My smart car weairing her reindeer antlers.

The people at the dealership were kind enough to give me these antlers when I asked where I could buy a pair. Do you think Urban Santa would deliver presents in a smart car?

Homecoming: A trip to the Blue Ridge mountains with my smart car

A motorcycle parked next to my smart car outside Mabry Mill.

Last weekend I went on a trip to visit my mother and homeplace in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia… in my smart car! It was quite and adventure, filled with motorcycles, horses, and gravel roads, oh my! Conquering the mountains in a little smart car!

Replacing the headlight on my smart car

The smart car

I was at work, getting ready for a big night out, when I noticed one of my head lights was no longer working! A few emails later, I had a part number and a set of faxed instructions so I could change the bulb and be ready to go in time. Learn how to change your own head lamps!

10k Maintenance at the Smart Car Center

Smart cars only need to be taken in for maintenance every 10,000 miles, and my odometer just hit 9,500. I was worried that because I was taking my car to a Mercedez dealership (where the Smart Center is), it might cost a lot. But the experience turned out to be quite pleasant and affordable.

Let’s talk hyperbole.

I get a lot of comments on my blog. Some are fawning, others are pugnacious. Smart cars bring out both sides of Americans. I approve both equally given that they meet the following simple requirements: The author expresses her ideas understandably and with reasonable grammar (no lollerskating in the halls!) The comments do not verge […]

smart car meets fish: the “Black Orchid”

smart car design

I entered a smart car design contest with a design named for a breed of Siamese fighting fish called the “black orchid crown tail” and inspired by Mexican skull candy, orchid blossoms, deep sea fish, and Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno’s work. By all means have a look and let me know what you think!

Fun with snow: Driving my smart car in winter weather

I didn’t think I would have the chance to write about driving in snow this year, considering how little of it we’ve been having in the past couple of winters. But I have been driving my smart car in not one but at least two snow showers in the past month!